Setting up Duo Security with Ubuntu Server for 2FA

In this article I will go through the steps required to install and configure Duo Security with Ubuntu Server for two factor authentication. This can be adapted to apply to SSH log-ons, sudo access, etc. The Linux PAM (pluggable authentication modules) make this easy to implement and customise.

I currently have this implemented on my Ubuntu 14.04 x64 LTS Server and it works really well.

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DuoSecurity Invalid Integration Error

Very recently out of no where I couldn’t log on to my WordPress Blog and was presented with an ‘Invalid Integration’ error.

I noticed this happen soon after the automatic WordPress upgrade from 3.8 to 3.8.1 so I am suspecting the upgrade as the cause but have no evidence to back that up.

Luckily there is a very easy fix to this problem. Simply FTP (or whatever protocol you desire) in to your server and locate the blog/wp-content/plugins folder and rename the duo-wordpress folder to something else (like duo-wordpress-old)

You should now be able to log-in.

Now, rename the folder back to what it was before and on the WordPress web interface,uninstall the plug-in completely.

Unfortunately, as of this post (28/1/2014), re-installing & integrating the plug-in does not actually fix the issue so you may need to live without 2FA for a while (or alternatively, use another provider)

The problem may be something specific to my set-up but just in case others are having the same/similar issues, I hope this helps you!

Two-Factor Authentication with BlackBerry 10

We’ve seen plenty of tutorials on two-factor authentication (2FA from now on) using the Authomator app but unfortunately this app has not been made available for the Q10 device for several months now.

Therefore I have made this short tutorial available for a cool new app which will give us our daily shot of security and peace of mind 🙂

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