WordPress 4.4.1 Redirect Loop

You notice you receive one of the following errors whilst trying to browse to the home page of one of your WordPress sites after updating to 4.4.1:


This webpage has a redirect loop

This page isn’t redirecting properly

I saw this on one of the WordPress sites I manage for a local takeaway. The problem occurred after the update to 4.4.1 and had me stumped.

All other pages would load but not the static homepage. Changing the permalink structure to plain (post-id) fixed the problem but changing it back to postname made the problem reappear.

Interestingly, if I browsed http://homepage/index.php or http://homepage// (yes, a double slash) the home page would load up just fine. Weird. I’m sure a .htaccess rule would fix this but I didn’t delve in to this.

The solution?

Simple. Check your WordPress address and Site Address in Settings –> General.

Ensure they’re both lower cased and not mixed. Don’t ask me why or how this works because I have no idea.


DuoSecurity Invalid Integration Error

Very recently out of no where I couldn’t log on to my WordPress Blog and was presented with an ‘Invalid Integration’ error.

I noticed this happen soon after the automatic WordPress upgrade from 3.8 to 3.8.1 so I am suspecting the upgrade as the cause but have no evidence to back that up.

Luckily there is a very easy fix to this problem. Simply FTP (or whatever protocol you desire) in to your server and locate the blog/wp-content/plugins folder and rename the duo-wordpress folder to something else (like duo-wordpress-old)

You should now be able to log-in.

Now, rename the folder back to what it was before and on the WordPress web interface,uninstall the plug-in completely.

Unfortunately, as of this post (28/1/2014), re-installing & integrating the plug-in does not actually fix the issue so you may need to live without 2FA for a while (or alternatively, use another provider)

The problem may be something specific to my set-up but just in case others are having the same/similar issues, I hope this helps you!


Getting GTranslate to Work with WordPress and HTTPS

I installed GTranslate on my blog (the one you’re reading!) not long ago and noticed a strange problem I was having with settings not being saved and the plug-in not showing up as a widget on the home page when it was activated.
If you have the same problem, you will notice the “Configure it from WP-Admin -> Settings -> GTranslate to see it in action” showing up in your widget bar.