What Juniper Host Checker Rules and Policies Should You Implement?

The Juniper MAG series presents very powerful and flexible configurations for remote access users.

One of these configurations is the Host Checker which is what I will be briefly discussing today.

The Host Checker is a component which, according to the Juniper documentation, “is a client-side agent that performs endpoint checks on hosts that
connect to the IVE. You can invoke Host Checker before displaying an IVE sign-in
page to a user and when evaluating a role mapping rule or resource policy”

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CryptoLocker Preventative Measures

If you haven’t heard of CryptoLocker, it is a form of Ransomware which basically means locking down your files in an attempt to get you (the victim) to pay a sum of money to get access to those locked files.

CryptoLocker isn’t the first of its kind and nor will it be the last. It is just another one out of the thousands out there, except this one has been more cleverly engineered to infect more machines and thus gain more media attention.

Below is some advice to take in a corporate environment – this advice is purely my own and is not meant to be some extensive ‘go-to’ for all your sys admin problems when dealing with these issues 🙂

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Two-Factor Authentication with BlackBerry 10

We’ve seen plenty of tutorials on two-factor authentication (2FA from now on) using the Authomator app but unfortunately this app has not been made available for the Q10 device for several months now.

Therefore I have made this short tutorial available for a cool new app which will give us our daily shot of security and peace of mind 🙂

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Disable Remote PowerShell for Office365 Users

For one reason or another, you may want to disable remote PowerShell access for all the users in your organisation.
The main reason for doing so would be to prevent ‘reconnaissance’ type attacks whereby a user will try to gain information about your network/organisation/topology/system etc by simply running (in this case) PowerShell queries against your organisation.

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