Bulk Licensing Office 365 Users with PowerShell

Licensing Office 365 users manually can be a tedious task; especially if you are tasked with licensing hundreds or even thousands (think educational institutes that need to license user’s every semester or academic year).

I created a fairly basic script that will take a .CSV input and license your users according to your Office 365 environment and the licenses you have available.

You can find the script on GitHub @

To use, simply ensure that the .CSV has a column header named userPrincipalName and that every UPN is on a new line.

Also make sure you fill in the license information that you want applied to your users – you can use the Get-MsolAccountSku command to find out what licenses you have available.

If I have time, I would like to improve the script by automatically retrieving license information and prompting the user for the licenses to apply to all users.