Teradici Thin Client Firmware Upgrade Woes

“Download error – file”
“Fail to write”
“Download incomplete – communication failure”
“The file is too large. Please upload a different file”

If you’re receiving any of the above error messages when attempting to upgrade your Teradici thin/zero client then you may find this article useful.

Essentially the solution is to download the firmware increments leading up to the target firmware.

In my case, I had a 10ZiG v1200-P on firmware version 4.1.0 and was trying to upgrade to the latest which is 4.8.0 as of this article.

According to the Teradici support page, I have to install 4.7.1 before I can upgrade to 4.8.0 however I still experienced the errors above so the advice was incorrect for my particular case.

For me to get to 4.8.0, I had to go to 4.2.0 first, 4.5.0 then 4.8.0.

You can find download links for the Tera1 and Tera2 firmware releases on the Teradici support site.