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Can you Move from an Office 365 Enterprise Plan to a Midsize Business Plan?

The short answer is, yes. The long answer is that it will require a lot of work on your behalf. The new Office 365 midsize business plan is very similar to the E3 plan (bar some advanced features which most … Continue reading

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Setting Office 365 User Passwords to Never Expire

The default policy for Office 365 user accounts is to automatically expire their passwords after 90 days. Some of our users experienced this today and the most annoying thing about it was that they were not warned beforehand about it. … Continue reading

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Archiving a User’s Mailbox on Office 365

So an employee has left the company and you now need to archive the mailbox due to legal and/or company policies. This article will give you a quick overview on how you can achieve this goal on an Office 365 … Continue reading

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Disable Remote PowerShell for Office365 Users

For one reason or another, you may want to disable remote PowerShell access for all the users in your organisation. The main reason for doing so would be to prevent ‘reconnaissance’ type attacks whereby a user will try to gain … Continue reading

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Add E-mail Aliases to Your Office 365 Distribution Groups

If you’ve set up distribution groups on Office 365, you will notice a section in the DG ‘details’ page titled ‘E-Mail Options’… under this title is the following text: “The group can receive messages sent to the following addresses.” From … Continue reading

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