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Capturing Mobile Traffic Using Fiddler

This article will briefly go over the details on how to capture wifi traffic from your mobile devices. This includes capturing traffic on iPads, iPhones, BlackBerries, Android devices and pretty much any device that supports the ability to add a … Continue reading

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Got a WPS Enabled Router? Consider Disabling it or Risk DoS

WPS stands for wi-fi protected set-up. It’s supposed to make it easier for non-tech savvy people to authenticate devices on to a wireless network by pressing a physical button on the router or entering a PIN in to a device … Continue reading

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How to Boost your Wireless Strength with DD-WRT

If you have a DD-WRT powered router then you already know how powerful and feature-full it is, compared to a standard out-of-the-box ISP provided router. This article will be about making use of the features that DD-WRT provides out of … Continue reading

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Force DD-WRT to use OpenDNS Servers for DNS Queries

In one of my recent articles, I explained how I set-up a guest wireless network for our work place (after getting it to work with the right wireless channel :)) After configuring the guest access point, I set up the … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Channel for Your Wireless Network

Choosing the wireless channel to use on your network can be a real pain in the ass; especially if you live or work (if this is a business network) in a densely populated area. Put simply, channels are the radio … Continue reading

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