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Don’t Forget to Check your DNS Root Server IPs

If you are using¬†Root Hints in your organisation for DNS lookups, you should probably check your root server IPs to ensure they are up to date… especially if your DNS servers/DCs are quite old. The root server FQDNs and IPs … Continue reading

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Setting up Lync SRV Records with Claranet – Office 365

Office 365 is (in a nutshell) a bunch of Microsoft services and software that are (mainly) cloud based. Some of the important features to trial in Office 365 before we conclude whether it is something we want to go ahead … Continue reading

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Force DD-WRT to use OpenDNS Servers for DNS Queries

In one of my recent articles, I explained how I set-up a guest wireless network for our work place (after getting it to work with the right wireless channel :)) After configuring the guest access point, I set up the … Continue reading

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