Setting up a VPN Tunnel on Draytek – NordVPN

In this step-by-step article I will go through setting up a VPN tunnel on the Draytek 2860n router – I will set-up the tunnel using the NordVPN service – I recommend you check them out – they’re awesome, take privacy seriously and you get 20% off if you use the link above 🙂 – however the instructions should be similar on other Draytek models and VPN service providers.
Using this article as a guide, you can set up your router to establish a VPN tunnel such that all traffic (or some as we’ll get on to later) on your network will pass through the VPN tunnel; thus doing away with the need to set up and configure separate clients for all your devices. You also get the advantage that guests on your network will seamlessly send traffic through the tunnel without any additional configuration.