Downloading the Latest Malwarebytes Definitions File for Offline Use with PowerShell

Looking through my blog stats I saw that one of my old articles was still getting a lot of views – the one about downloading an offline copy of the Malwarebytes definitions file.

I decided to write a quick version 2 of the script so that it can now run natively in PowerShell without any third party tools (wget) – it’s also easier to understand and slightly more elegant only requiring four lines to do the job.


Downloading the Latest Malwarebytes Definitions File for Offline Use

UPDATE 05/2015: See version 2 of the script where I have written it in PowerShell. This one is easier to understand and doesn’t require wget.exe. It will work on any machine with PowerShell v3 and greater.

Malwarebytes is no doubt one of the best anti-malware softwares available on the net – I have it as part of my default installation kit when I build/re-build a machine.

One of the annoying things about Malwarebytes though is the fact that they do not offer their definitions files to be downloaded manually.
(Well, technically they do, however this comes as a 6.5MB file which needs to be installed before being able to download the file (disadvantage for those on-the-go)… also, the file is not updated very often – once a week it seems – See here)

Why would one want to manually download the definitions file I hear you ask.

  • You have an infected machine with all sorts of bad things like remote key-loggers etc.
    You want to scan the machine with Malwarebytes but you do not have the latest definitions file… you obviously do not want to connect the machine to the internet in this state; who knows what could be transmitted to/fro the machine.
  • You are a PC support specialist and like to carry around the latest definition files for portable anti-virus/malware applications on your USB.