Setting Up a JMeter Instance on the Cloud to Inject Load Against Microsoft SQL Azure

So, you want to set-up load injection capabilities on the Amazon EC2 cloud to throw load against a Microsoft SQL Azure database?

This quick tutorial will show you how to do the following:

  • Setting up Apache JMeter (version 2.4 as of this post) on the Amazon EC2 Cloud
  • Setting up appropriate JDBC drivers
  • Setting the correct connection attributes to be able to successfully connect to the Microsoft SQL Azure database

Quick and Easy Tutorial on Installing and Configuring fail2ban on an Amazon EC2 Instance

This article will serve as a quick tutorial on installing and configuring fail2ban on an Amazon EC2 instance.

I like to think of fail2ban as a ‘second line’ of defence against systematic attempts to break through and access SSH on a server.
First line of defence should always be disabling the root log-in, using strong passwords/using private keys for log-on, etc.
It can do a lot more than protecting against brute-force SSH attacks using regex’s but that is not in the scope of this tutorial.