Ninite Appsheet – Patching Just Got Easier

Ninite has long been my number one tool for deploying, updating and removing popular 3rd party applications… I especially enjoy the feeling of removing Flash and Java from any where I┬ácan get my hands on ­čÖé

Up until now, Ninite has been completely agentless. You get a simple light-weight .exe which you can either run by double clicking or by using switches in the CLI (NinitePro.exe).
To automate the process of deploying or updating applications you previously had to script something together┬áand schedule the .exe to run at a schedule. I don’t mean to make it sound like scripting it to make it work in your environment is difficult – it really isn’t but sometimes it can be┬átricky to implement for machines that are either not on the domain or simply not on the premises to receive those updates.

Please note that these new features are designed for business/enterprise environments so only available for Ninite Pro users.