OnePlus One Invite Giveaway

I have some OnePlus One invites to give away – I purchased two of these phones for family and they are absolutely brilliant; awesome specs for an awesome phone at a crazy cheap price.

Take a look at the OnePlus One if you haven’t heard of them – they’re a new brand and they’ve supposedly had a marketing budget of only $300. The rest is by word of mouth and the hype caused by the ‘exclusivity’ of the invite only system… and trust me, it’s worked pretty well for them so far.

Leave a comment below – first come first serve!

Also remember that the invites are only valid (as far as I am aware) for 24 hours so make sure you’ll actually use it before leaving a comment.

Please accept my apologies if you leave a comment but don’t get an invite as I only have a limited supply!

UPDATE: All invites sent! If any invites are still unclaimed by the last day I will re-send them to others.

UPDATE 2: Two invites were not claimed in the 24 hour limit so still have two to give away πŸ™‚

UPDATE 3: All gone!

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Check your e-mail! Also the invite expires in a few days so don’t take too long otherwise it’ll go to someone else before it runs out!

Sorry dude – all gone. Will send to you if I get any more. In the mean time keep your eyes on the giveaway thread @ Reddit.

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