Setting JMeter Timestamp to Human Readable Format in Logs

The default timestamp format in JMeter csv logs is given in a Unix style format.
For some (including my colleagues and I), this simply introduces an unnecessary delay to the analysis process of performance tests. Granted it is pretty straightforward converting the format from Unix time to human time with the help of the Excel ‘HOUR’ function, but when you are analysing many tests, it becomes slightly repetitive and cumbersome when you have an option in JMeter to switch to a more human readable format 🙂

This quick tutorial will show you how to ‘turn on’ the option for JMeter to print out timestamps in human readable formats:

  1. Browse to your JMeter/Bin directory
  2. Open ina simple text editor such as notepad
  3. Find the following line: ‘ HH:mm:ss.SSSS’
  4. Uncomment the line by removing the hash (#)

You can edit the above to fit your needs. For example, if you don’t want JMeter to print out the milliseconds, simply remove the SSSS from the end so it looks like: HH:mm:ss