Cisco Hardware upgrade for x60 Series Appliances

Just in case you’re reading this and haven’t seen the IronPort x60 replacement programme e-mail – here goes

Dear Cisco Customer,Cisco has identified that some Email Security and and Web Security Appliances running AsyncOS SW images (8.0.x or greater for email, or 8.x  or greater for Web) may experience performance delays under certain configurations and traffic loads. This is a result of HW configuration upgrades that have  been made to the appliances since these appliances were released in 2012.  Cisco has created a hardware upgrade promotion that will be available for a limited  time for all x60 customers to upgrade to the latest hardware.

Promotion period:

Start  March 1st  2015
Ends October 31st 2015
Appliances models covered by the hardware upgrade promotion:

Email Security appliances(ESA):

* C160
* C360
* C660
* X1060
Web Security appliances(WSA):

* S160
* S360
* S660
Management Security appliances(SMA):

* M160
* M660
* M1060
Last supported branch of ASYNCOS  on these models:

Cisco Email Security Appliance(ESA):
AsyncOS for Email 8.5.X
Current release build:
AsyncOS 8.5.6 build 106 upgrade For Email, 2014-11-28

Cisco Web Security Appliance(WSA):
AsyncOS for for Web 8.5.x
Current release build
AsyncOS 8.5.1 build 019 upgrade For Web, 2015-1-26, is a release available for Early Deployment

Management Security Appliance (SMA):
AsyncOS for Management 9.1.x
Current release build:
AsyncOS 9.0.0 build 087 upgrade For Management, 2015-1-30,  is a release available for Early Deployment
If you have questions or support, please contact your account team.  Or send your requests to the following email [email protected]

Best Regards,
Cisco Systems
US toll free number: +1-800-553-2447
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