Office 2016 KMS Activation Setup

In this brief article I will go through the steps to activate your Office 2016 KMS key.

My set-up is as follows:

  • Server 2012 R2 KMS server (I believe you require Server 2008 R2 onwards for this to work but I may be wrong)
  • Office Professional Plus KMS Key from Microsoft VLSC

Thankfully it’s pretty straight forward so here goes…

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Setting up a VPN Tunnel on Draytek – NordVPN

In this step-by-step article I will go through setting up a VPN tunnel on the Draytek 2860n router – I will set-up the tunnel using the NordVPN service – I recommend you check them out – they’re awesome, take privacy seriously and you get 20% off if you use the link above :) – however the instructions should be similar on other Draytek models and VPN service providers.
Using this article as a guide, you can set up your router to establish a VPN tunnel such that all traffic (or some as we’ll get on to later) on your network will pass through the VPN tunnel; thus doing away with the need to set up and configure separate clients for all your devices. You also get the advantage that guests on your network will seamlessly send traffic through the tunnel without any additional configuration.

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How to Migrate Horizon View Composer Database to a New Server

In this short article I will briefly go through the steps required to migrate your VMware Horizon View Composer database from an old server (ServerOld) to a new server (ServerNew). The assumption is that both databases run Microsoft SQL Server however the general idea stands.

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Useful Resources for SysAdmins

The below are some resources that I find useful in my role as a (mainly Windows) sysadmin. If there are any (and I’m sure there are) that I have missed that you think would be useful to others then please leave a comment and I will add them to this list.

Mailing Lists/Blogs

Mailing lists are a valuable source of information from the community and knowledgeable folk.

In no particular order:

RSS Feeds – I use a RSS-to-email service to get feeds directly to my inbox


My daily driver smartphone is a Nexus 5. If you don’t have a podcast app or need a recommendation for one then I would strongly suggest you check out Pocket Casts – the devs are awesome, the app is awesome, Chromecasting podcasts is awesome and their online web-player is awesome.

In no particular order:

  • Jupiter Broadcasting in general have some really good podcasts. I mostly listen to TechSNAP and Tech-Talk-Today
  • Security Now by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson is generally good. I don’t listen to it as much as I used to (mainly because of how much time is spent talking about ads and off-track topics) but you will find some decent content every now and then
  • Crypto-Gram is an audio of Bruce Schneier’s newsletter


Resources that don’t fit in any of the above categories.


Creating Office 365 Mailboxes in a Hybrid Setup

In this article I will show you how to create Exchange Online mailboxes in a hybrid environment such that the maiboxes also show up on the on-premises Exchange server management console.

The most logical way of creating an Exchange Online mailbox (you’d think) is to let AD users DirSync across to 365, assign them licenses and be done with it. However doing it this way doesn’t create a link between Exchange Online and your On-Premises Exchange server which means you can’t do things like manage the user’s mailbox from EMC or migrate the mailbox between on-premises and Exchange Online.

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Teradici Thin Client Firmware Upgrade Woes

“Download error – file”
“Fail to write”
“Download incomplete – communication failure”
“The file is too large. Please upload a different file”

If you’re receiving any of the above error messages when attempting to upgrade your Teradici thin/zero client then you may find this article useful.

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Bulk Licensing Office 365 Users with PowerShell

Licensing Office 365 users manually can be a tedious task; especially if you are tasked with licensing hundreds or even thousands (think educational institutes that need to license user’s every semester or academic year).

I created a fairly basic script that will take a .CSV input and license your users according to your Office 365 environment and the licenses you have available.

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