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Don’t Forget to Check your DNS Root Server IPs

If you are using Root Hints in your organisation for DNS lookups, you should probably check your root server IPs to ensure they are up to date… especially if your DNS servers/DCs are quite old. The root server FQDNs and IPs … Continue reading

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DFS and Offline Files – A Match Made In Hell

If you are using DFS and Offline Files in your organisation then you have probably run in to the problem (or if you are reading this then perhaps you are still experiencing it!) whereby your users will ‘randomly’ disconnect and … Continue reading

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OnePlus One Invite Giveaway

I have some OnePlus One invites to give away – I purchased two of these phones for family and they are absolutely brilliant; awesome specs for an awesome phone at a crazy cheap price. Take a look at the OnePlus … Continue reading

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Where Are Those Group Policies?

Not so long ago I was looking at implementing BitLocker in our organisation to replace a Symantec product that was causing us lots of issues – and simply wasn’t worth the price we were paying for it (turned out to be … Continue reading

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Cisco IronPort E-mail Security Appliance Best Practices : Part 2

This article is a continuation from part 1 of the IronPort ‘best practices’ series. Here I will discuss: Implementing DNS blacklists DLP Bounce profiles LDAP queries

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