About Me

I am a 23 year old who has recently graduated from City University, London with a BSc in Information Systems.

My Career

I have three years professional experience in a small consultancy firm called Capacitas who deal with performance testing and capacity planning of IT infrastructures.

Half of my time was spent on client side consultancy and the other half was spent managing the internal IT infrastructure of the company. I realised my passion for IT/systems administration here so after my final placement year at the company, I made a decision to look for a 100% sys admin role.

So here I am now… an IT Manager at the UK’s largest independent cyber security specialists – Nebulas.

My Personal life

I am married to my lovely wife who is a passionate school teacher in South West London.

My hobbies are:

  • Photography (Sadly I do not get as much time for this as I wish I had)
  • Tennis (same as above)
  • Teaching my self new things then going on to teaching others ;)

I created this blog as a ‘pass-time’ project… something I can write in when I discover new or exciting things that I think may be useful to others.

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