About Me

I am a 24 year old sysadmin with a great passion for all things technological.
I write this blog as a pass-time for tricky/interesting things I come across which I think may be useful to others. As long as there are visitors to this blog, I will continue to write :)

My Career

“Responsible for anything that has a plug at the other end” … you sysadmins out there know what I’m talking about :)

  • Back in college days (2009-2010 ~) a friend and I started up a small PC repair business (The PC Repair Guys was the cheesy name we gave it) in the local area. It was successful during the time we ran it and we came across many wonderful and interesting characters. Unfortunately due to other commitments (just about to begin University and all that) we stopped doing this
  • During my second year of University I started a placement – my university was quite different from others in the sense that I was able to do a three year placement as opposed to the normal ‘1 year sandwich’ offered in most other uni’s.
    During this placement I was in charge of the internal IT infrastructure and also working on capacity planning and performance testing projects for some pretty big clients. This was all pretty fun and I learnt a lot but I also learnt where my real passion in IT lay – in the management of the IT infrastructure
  • Fast forward to 2013 where I found my perfect role as IT Manager for a small IT security company in Waterloo where I am learning something new every day (and get to play with new toys almost every day ;))

My Personal life

I am married to my lovely wife who is a primary school teacher. We have a young daughter who I will try and influence to follow the engineering route as she grows up :)

My hobbies are:

  • Photography (Sadly I do not get as much time for this as I wish I had)
  • Tennis (same as above)
  • Teaching my self new things then going on to teaching others ;)

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