Part 01 – Planning and Preparations – The Road Trip from UK to Türkiye

Given only a few short weeks notice of a road trip with my uncle, I thought it would be good to get a holiday blog-category rolling.

I am hoping to keep it updated from the planning-preparations stage to when we are actually on the road (if I am not too busy watching movies on my netbook map coordinating :))

So this will be a road trip from London to Istanbul, Turkey.
We will be travelling in a BMW X3… I like to call it ‘The Beast’ :)

Okay so planning wise… this Sunday (12th June 2011), we spent a few hours looking at a physical map of Europe as well as Google Maps to plan potential routes to our destination.

Google Maps was very helpful in terms of finding out how long it would take (estimate) from one place to another, the terrain in each country as well as highlighted main roads/motorways.

The time estimation was very useful as it helped us decide where we were going to sleep over etc.

Option A is as follows:

  • London to Calais by Ferry via Dover.
  • From Calais to Geneva (Switzerland), past Paris.
  • From Switzerland to Milan (Italy) via the Swiss Alps.
  • From Milan to Zagreb (Croatia).
  • From Zagreb to Niš (Serbia).
  • From Niš to Istanbul

Option B was something like this:

  • London to Calais by Ferry via Dover.
  • Calais to Munich (Germany) via Belgium.
  • Munich to Graz (Austria)
  • Graz to Niš (Serbia).
  • From Niš to Istanbul.

Option A would take us around 5 days including a bit of travel in Paris, Geneva, Milan, Zagreb, and Niš.

Option B would take us about 3/4 days but would only give us a bit of travel time in Munich, Graz, and Niš.

We ended up choosing Option A which I personally prefer to the latter option.

Edit: We have now gone with Option B with the possibility of passing through Greece instead of Bulgaria.

In terms of preparations… we went to Halfords the same day (Sunday 12th June 2011) and bought some rope, torches and a fire extinguisher.
We already have a first aid kit and jumper cables so we did not need to buy those.
We have a Sat Nav too just in case.
I also bought my self an extra 16GB SDHC card for my DSLR as well as a spare battery just in case the batter decides to die/get lost/run away etc…
I will also be taking my netbook – this will be used to tether my BlackBerry and tease friends on Facebook/Twitter backup videos from the camcorder and pictures from my DSLR. I am also thinking about upgrading my Dropbox account for a month to store a back-up of above mentioned media.

Let’s see what happens…

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