Migrating from a Physical IronPort ESA to a Virtual IronPort Appliance

This post will be a collection of thoughts and my own experiences when migrating from a physical C160 to a virtual C100V appliance. Other IronPort ESA P2V appliances may be similar so it’s worth reading on!

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Cisco IronPort ESA – Useful Content Filters

In this article I will briefly discuss some content filters that I think could come in handy for IronPort ESA users.
Some of these can also be useful for outbound mail – for example, you should detect and notify when executables are sent outbound as it could be indicative of an internal outbreak which you obviously want to know about.

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Cisco Hardware upgrade for x60 Series Appliances

Just in case you’re reading this and haven’t seen the IronPort x60 replacement programme e-mail – here goes

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Check Point: Violated Unidirectional Connection with UDP Traffic

You get a ‘Violated unidirectional connection’ message in the logs with UDP traffic even if there are rules with ‘ANY’ and ‘ALLOW’ in the rule base.

In my case the problem was that I could not PXE boot clients (using Windows Deployment Services or WDS)

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Adding a Catchall to a Secondary Domain in Google Apps

This quick guide will show you how you can create a catchall e-mail for any or all of your secondary/non-primary Google Apps domains.

So by default you can create a catchall account for the primary domain but the same option is not given for secondary/additional domains.

Luckily there is an easy work around for this and we can create a catchall address for any of your Google Apps domains.

The reason I write this post is because most of the guides I found online (when I was searching for a solution for myself) did not seem to implement this in an efficient way (applying the policy to the entire Google Apps ‘company’ rather than on individual domain basis).

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